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Adapt. Overcome. Dominate.

Initially introduced in early 2017, KWA’s AEG 2.5 featuring the Variable Performance System (VPS) took the airsoft industry by storm. The VPS system allows users to fine-tune the gun’s FPS by using a specifically designed tool included with all KWA AEG 2.5 systems without the need to disassemble the gearbox or gun. You can essentially play at your favorite indoor arena shooting under 350 FPS (0.20 gram BB’s) and still play at an outdoor MILSIM event with the same rifle on the weekend.

Also featured on the AEG 2.5 platform is KWA’s mechanical/electrical cut-off system that will prevent the gun from firing on an empty magazine. Compatible with K120c and MS120c magazines, this allows users the excitement of having to perform a realistic loadout and hit the bolt catch to continue the fight.

NOTE: Battery and Charger are not included.

KWA Ronin X-15 AEG Variable (Cut Off)

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