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Basic Rental Package

 $40  Includes everything you need to play including 500 paintballs ages 10 and up. Includes PE Emek or GOG eNMEy rental marker. Rental includes thermal mask to prevent fogging, and pod pack.

Upgraded Rental Package

 $60  Everything in rental package with upgraded marker and 1,000 paintballs ages 10 and up. Etha 2 rental gun capable of firing 10 paintballs per second. Rental includes thermal mask to prevent fogging.

etha 2 rental.jpg

Low Impact Paintball-Party

$375  Includes 10 sets of rental gear for kids ages 7-10 (parents and older siblings can participate). We have a limit of 20 players max. (500 low impact paintballs per player.) Must be booked ahead of time.

Gellyball Party

$300 Includes 10 gellyball blasters and 780 gellyballs per player. It is a fun alternative to paintball and perfect for ages 4-6 years of age. Gellyballs are $10 for an additional 780 balls. Must be booked ahead of time.


Field Fee and Paint Pricing

For those with their own gear, our field fee is $10 for all day air and field access. We proudly sell HK Army premier paintballs for $15 per 500 paintballs or $55 for a case of 2,000 paintballs.

Corporate, Private Events, Birthday parties, Team building activities.

If a date is not available on our booking system, simply give us a call at 601-447-2876 and we will be happy to work with you to see if we can accommodate your special event and give you a quote. Paintball is an excellent team building activity that involves leadership, communication, physical activity, and teamwork.



For ages 12 and up.

$20 to play if you have your own gear. Price includes HPA Air fills (must have full coverage face protection).

$40 for an airsoft rental. Includes electric airsoft rifle, anti fog mask, 2 magazines, and 1,000 .20 bbs.

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