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private events:


Our fields can be reserved outside regular operating hours, depending on availability. A deposit of $600 per group must be made. Any remaining amount will be paid on the day of the reservation. Reservations can be canceled up to  2 weeks in advance for a full refund. If canceled within two weeks, the deposit will be held and we will work with you to reschedule for another day. If a reservation is canceled 48 hours before the reservation, you may lose your deposit. the $600 deposit will cover up to the first 14 players. If you arrive with fewer than 14, the remainder of any credit can be used toward additional ammo.


If you would like to reserve a private event, please call  (601) 447-2876


Weather policy:

All of the fields are outdoors, so we are subject to various weather conditions. We remain open during rain, only closing for lightning or other dangerous conditions. If the field must close, a rain check will be offered and will work to schedule a better time to come and enjoy our fields.

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