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Need Gear?

Have your own Gear?


Best Rental Packages in the South!

Rental Package                      $40  Includes everything you need to play including 500 paintballs ages 10 and up. Includes PE Emek or GOG eNMEy rental marker. Rental includes thermal mask to prevent fogging, and pod pack.

Upgraded Rental Package      $60  Everything in rental package with upgraded marker and 1,000 paintballs ages 10 and up. Etha 2 rental gun capable of firing 10 paintballs per second. Rental includes thermal mask to prevent fogging.

.50 cal low impact party        $375  Includes 10 sets of rental gear for kids ages 7 and up. $30 extra for every player over 10 players limit of 20 players max. (500 low impact paintballs per player.)

Paintball 15 or more rate     $35   This is a group rate for regular paintball for groups that book ahead of time for 15 or more people. 

                                                        You must maintain 15 or players on the day of the event for this rate to be honored.


Gellyball Party                      $300  Includes 10 gellyball blasters and 780 gellyballs per player. It is a fun alternative to paintball and                                                              perfect for ages 4 and up. $10 for additional 780 gellyballs.

Level 4 paint                 $60  Per case of 2,000

Level 3 paint                             $55  Per case of 2,000 or $15 per bag of 500

.50 cal paint                          $45 per case of 2,000

Smoke grenades                  $11-$12

Paint Grenades                   $10 

Field Fee                             $10  for if you have your own gear. Includes all day air.

Annual pass                        $200  includes field fee for a year, $5 off per case of paint. 5% off pro shop items, free bottle of water                                                                 every visit, and half off basic rental package. 

                                                                                                                                                                               *prices do not include tax

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