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Need Gear?

Have your own Gear?

tournament grade paintballs

Paintballs that are more accurate and break easier.


.50 cal paintballs

low impact paintballs

$30 per 2,000 rnds

field grade paintballs

basic rental paintball

$15 per 500 /$45 per case

field fee

includes unlimited air refills


paint grenade

sprays paint like a water balloon full of paint


Smoke Grenande

conceal your movement with our WP40 smoke grenades


Pee Wee paintball party ( low impact paintball)

low impact paintball parties are for children ages 7-10 years of age. Parents, and other family members are allowed to participate.

$375 for 10 players ( $30 per additional person)

Rental Package

Includes: Gun, Hopper, Tank, Mask, Barrel Cover, Pod Pack with 2 Pods, All Day Air, Field Entry Fee, 500 Field Paintballs


Upgraded Rental Package

Includes: Everything the Rental Package has plus an upgraded paintball gun and 500 additional paintballs!



Air tank only


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Field paint only,

no outside paint allowed

Drinks and snacks

available for purchase