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Low-rise aluminium clamping feed-neck NEW!

Quick-release back cap NEW!

FL 3-way valve NEW!

Lighter trigger return spring NEW!

Aluminium single-finger flat trigger - adjustable back stop NEW!

Super sleek GRN body and back cap NEW!

Tool-less bolt removal NEW!


14.5" 2-piece Shaft 5 barrel - Cocker fast threads NEW!

Single-piece frame and foregrip

Spool valve operation

Gamma Core drivetrain

Glass Reinforced Nylon outer composition

135psi operating pressure

Soft-touch bolt with 3-stage bolt acceleration

Valve chamber shut-off and breech sensing drivetrain

Deftek offset feed

Integrated SL4 inline regulator

External velocity adjustment

Tool-less wrap-around rubber grip

Hoseless air-transfer system

Operates with compressed air only

Etha 3m mechanical marker

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